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Rustell LoManto is an Arizona state certified teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus in history and business. She also holds a Masters of Education in Leadership degree. She has taught in public, private, and charter schools in the state of Arizona and currently homeschools her own two children.


The Program organized the month into weekly themes with the first week of the month focused on Music, the second on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), the third week on History, and the final week on art. 

In Musical Adventures this session, the volunteer introduced students to the recorder and taught them notes, many of the students learned to play “Merrily We Row Along” on the recorder.  Additionally, she introduced the students to piano basics.  The volunteer seems to thoroughly enjoy working with the children, she indicated she was sad that the program was over for the summer.

In Adventures in STEM staff focused on engineering for the first two sessions, with students learning about forces such as tension, compression, torque and shear.  The students used what they learned to build bridges in the first session and structures in the second.  In the third STEM class the students learned the Scientific Method and applied it to one experiment and then created their own experiment following the method.

In Adventures in History, the students have learned about early explorers and how and why they explored.  As part of the early explorers’ activities they learned about Timelines and created their own and learned about statues and monuments explorers left behind and after seeing images of monuments they created each used clay to build their own.

In Adventures in Art, the students have studied calligraphy and practiced a variety of techniques, learned about the new-again phenomena of rock art/found art and created their own art work to display, explored three-dimensional art and created their own works of art.