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Self Made Music

Free Music Lessons! Free Easy Hymns!

Learn to Read Music – Play the Flutophone – Play the Piano

All of the lessons, hymns and songs in this program are believed to be in the public domain of the United States of America, or were donated anonymously by Christian musicians whose desire is to pass on the love of the Lord Jesus in worship and song.

To keep the program and music as simplified as possible:

Melody notes are limited to the notes Middle C, D, E, F, F#, G, A, Bb, 

B, and the higher C, and D. These notes are more suitable for the 

piano, voice and Flutophone (which can be purchased at little cost, 

perfect for low-budget classes).

Only three keys (C major, F major and G major) are used.

Only two time signatures (3/4 and 4/4) are used.

Note values are limited to whole notes, dotted half notes, half notes, 

dotted quarter notes, quarter notes and eighth notes.

Only five different chords (Bb, C, D, F and G) are used.


Most of the hymns and songs in the Simplified Hymns are printed twice. The first one shows all the fingerings, the beats and the names of the notes. Only one verse is included to save space. The second one shows only the fingerings when the hand position changes. No beats are listed and no note names are included. This allows space for more verses.


Please feel free to copy any or all of the “Self-Made Music Is Self-Made Happiness” Lessons and Simplified Hymns for the Glory of the Lord! Just download, print what you want, and share what you want with anyone who wants it! We want you to!

Self-Made Music Is Self-Made Happiness