The Rev. Dr. Daniel Defassio

Senior Pastor

Peace be with you!

Blood Brothers and Sisters – Yes, I said Blood Brothers and Sisters, for that is what we are, and the Blood that unites us, the Blood that makes us Brothers and Sisters is the very precious Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ whose birth we anticipate in Bethlehem and whose coming again we anticipate in the consummations

Grace and Mercy are yours!

I saw a street musician recently – He was playing many instruments at once, both feet were engaged in the music that he played, both hands were engaged in the melody and even his mouth blowing and sucking air at the same time filled the harmonica attached around his neck.  It was a marvel to behold.


as we have given thanks to God for all of the gifts that surround us.

as we enter the Advent Season of anticipation.

as we move to the 12 days of Christmas.

as we approach the Epiphany telling the good news unto all the world.

as we celebrate the Baptism of Jesus and remind ourselves and each other of the body   are baptized into.

as we

We, not a single person trying to play all things and do all things for all, all of the time. We, who are many, yet one in the faith, are in the Lord together. We get to play all of the different instruments to make a joyful symphony unto the Lord.  Together, we care for the needs of others with the unconditional love we have first received using our time and talents and our treasure together to help teach the community and world to sing in harmony.

Blessings to the We

Blessings to the Our

Blessings to the World

As we await the coming and coming again of the Christ.

See you in church,

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Daniel