Member of the ELCA

A Stephen Ministry Congregation

 Pastor Daniel's Message

Peace be with you and Easter Joy, my brothers and sisters in Christ!


The Lord is Risen and with that Good News our lives are changed. I pray you will live the resurrected life, that by your conversation and actions others will see the victorious and living Lord through you. You

practiced the Lenten disciplines and through the cross have arrived at the Crown of Glory.


At Baptismal founts throughout the world new sisters and brothers emerged just as Cheryl and Claudia emerged from the waters here…. The ancient living waters flow and we rejoice in the newness of life.

Throughout this week of weeks, I pray you will live with a sense of joy — 

       live as if what you say to others,

                       how you act toward others,

                       truly matters—for it does.


We rejoice with the brothers and sisters who, along with all of us pilgrims of faith, affirm our Baptism, through the waters of life as we receive new members on April 7 & 8.


May we with them….

  Love with joy,

   Think with joy,

Act with joy,

in our heart & minds.


May all others know the Risen Christ by you, and through you:


    because of your sense of joy even in the midst of sorrow,

    because of your sense of peace in the midst of struggle,

    because of the love which you have first received.


In the Joy and Love of Christ




Pastor Daniel