Member of the ELCA

A Stephen Ministry Congregation

 Pastor Daniel's Message

Peace Be With you!

                      Brothers and Sisters of Shepherd of the Desert

                                       Allelulia ! the Lord is Risen!

             This Announcement was made on Easter Morning,

This Announcement is being made throughout this week of weeks.

It has been made in our parish It is to be continually made throughout all congregations.

The announcement has been made verbally It has been celebrated visually. Now my Sisters and Brothers, this announcement is to be lived.

We are to be people of the resurrection. We are to live the resurrection for the Lord is Risen. For if we have participated in a death  like His we shall certainly participate in a resurrection like His.

So! How will you live the resurrected life? What will you do different from when you were dead to sin?  How will you be a resurrected child of God? 

AND, How will the people you encounter recognize your life of resurrection? We may verbally announce: 

Alleluia! The Lord is Risen! We may verbally respond: He is Risen in deed! Allelulia!

Now, may we respond with our hearts minds and being with the YES of our lives. So that all may know LOVE is everlasting made real.

Blessings in Christ’s resurrection and love,

Pastor Daniel