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A Stephen Ministry Congregation

 Pastor Daniel's Message

Peace be with you!


Brothers and sisters who walk the way of the cross…. Know that through the cross of Christ, the crown of salvation is yours!!!


I remember the way of the cross when I delivered the daily paper to the Catholic Priest in our neighborhood. We had A Roman Catholic Parish on one corner, a Baptist Church across from it, and a Lutheran Congregation across the street from there. Three

corners, Three churches, and on the 4th corner was a home for Nuns… obviously there was no way I was getting away from the universality of the Church of Christ.


I asked my Pastor about the way of the cross that I had seen in my newspaper delivery. Pastor Hopf took the time and we traveled together the way of the cross and at Easter I put them away.


It was years that I had put them away, out of my mind and thoughts…. Until I was holding someone’s hand that was nearing the end of their days. I held their hand and they recounted their life as the Stations on the way of the cross. It was then that I came to the realization that we live the way of the cross everyday, hand in hand with the Lord.


Remember that as we walk the way of the cross we have the

opportunity to walk with Jesus, to be united with Jesus and to

reflect on his suffering and on our own pilgrimage of faith. Through the way of the cross we have the opportunity to witness the tremendous love of Jesus for others, a reflection of the love of God the Father. In the way of the cross Jesus teaches us that there is no greater love then to give ourselves for others.


Blessings on your Lenten journey to the Cross of Christ,


Pastor Daniel